Pancake Load Cell

Pancake Load Cells we offer are accurate for full-scale outputs. These come with analog current, high-level analog voltage or digital output in accordance to the specification of the buyer. These are apt for their effective use in weighing and force measurement applications. The cells are made with bonded foil strain instruments to enable for resistance in puzzling circumstances such as higher temperature environments. Pancake Load Cells come with a dual diaphragm design that renders outstanding off-axis performance. These cells can be designed as well as constructed with welded stainless steel or aluminum.

Product Image (90610 - B)

Pancake Compression Load cell


90610 – B is pancake compression type load cell & it is strain gage based sensor with temperature compensation over 10 to 50C. This is constructed from SS 17 – 4 PH / Tool Steel suitable for harsh industrial applications. It is sealed for IP 65 protection class & it has long life. It is available with integral Button for loading. It can be customized to customer’s specific dimensions for replacements.