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Single Point Off-Center Load Cell
Single Point Load Cells have significant role in maintaining measurement accuracy of different types of weighing machines that include counter scale and platform scale. These load cells have maximum 200 kgf load capacity. Long working life is one of their main aspects.
S Beam S Type Load Cell
Notable for their S shaped appearance, this range of S Beam Load Cells is used for accurate measurement of compression as well as tension load and force.  Available in different models, these are offered with digital and analogue accessories.
Shear Beam Load Cell
Shear Beam Load Cells are used as essential parts of industrial weighing systems. These highly sensitive load cells are suitable for measuring weight of storage tank, silo, heavy duty medical equipments and filling systems without any error.
Canister Type Compression Load Cell
Compression Column Type Canister Load Cells are used to maintain measurement accuracy of railroad scale and electronic weigh bridges.  Developed from stainless steel, this range of load cells can resist bending and deformation.
Pressure Transducer
Analog sensor based diaphragm type pressure transducers can maintain 1.0% accuracy level.  Made of stainless steel, these pressure sensor based transducers can maintain maximum 1000 bar of operating pressure and 60 degree C temperature.
Hermetically Sealed Load Cell
Hermetically Sealed Load Cells are used in level measurement job. These air tight load cells have standard protection rating to avoid moisture ingress and water. High sensitivity level and long life span are the key aspects of this range of products.
DESB Load Cell for Weigh Bridge
DESB Load Cell for Weigh Bridges have been ergonomically designed to ensure high accuracy level in weight measurement job. Equipped with analog sensor, these load cells are appreciated for their high precision level. Long working life and low maintenance design are their main aspects.
Jewellery Scale Load Cell
Jewelry Scale Load Cells are used as integral parts of hopper scale, platform scale and various other weighing systems. Made of aluminum alloy, this array of load cells havs low eccentric load sensitivity.  These products can be used in severe working environment.
Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cells are well known for their high sensitivity level. Accessible in different specifications, this array of load cells is used as indispensable parts of various automation equipments and on line tension measurement systems.
Rocker Pin Compression Load Cell
Rocker Pin Compression Load Cells are used as important parts of different types of weight measurement equipments that include hopper weighing system. Fast response time, ergonomic look, ease of handling and reasonable price are the key aspects of this array of load cells.
Axle Pin Double ended Shear Beam Load Cell
Load Pin Double Ended Shear Beam Type Load Cells are used for smooth operation of lifts and elevators. These types of load cells are also used in ship construction, weigh system manufacturing and steel production arena.
Crane Scale Load Cell
Crane Scale Load Cells have incorporated a number of advanced features into their design. These load cells have analog and digital signal converters, advanced software and latest data acquisition system. Software of these load cells supports digital display technology.